Table of Contents

Basic Clothing Construction

Page Description
4 Introduction
4 Recognizing Your Figure Type
9 Measurement Chart
10 Fabric Basics
13 Fabric Finishes
15 How to "Read" the Pattern Envelope
16 Fabric Conversion Chart
18 Chart of Material Requirements
24 Parts of a Pattern and Pattern Markings
30 Preparing Woven Fabrics for Cutting
34 Selecting the Pattern Layout and Folding the Fabric for Cutting
37 Pinning then Cutting the Pattern Pieces
41 Basic Design Changes
42 How to Cut New Facings When You've Changed the Basic Design
46 Marking Methods
50 How to Make Seams
57 Seam Finishes
58 How to Make Darts
61 How to Make Pleats
63 How to do Gathering
65 How to Cut and Install Facings on Garments
74 Types of Collars and How to Attach and Sew Them
85 Types of Waistlines and How to Join to the Bodice
89 Types of Waistbands for Skirts and Slacks and How to Make Them
97 Sleeves - How to Fit and How to Sew Them
105 Zippers - Types of Zippers and How to Install Each Kind
114 Buttons and Buttonholes
115 Measuring Hems
117 Hand Stitches and Hemming Stitches
123 Fabric/Thread/Needle Compatibles
126 Fabric/Thread/Needle/Stitch Length Chart
128 Recommended Resources

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